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New team member!!

We have fostered a baby hoglet, he was found at the side of the road very dehydrated and looking very poorly. We took him in and took him to Margot’s favourite vet (Bainbridge vets in Leyburn). The lovely nurse Sarah gave him fluids and looked after him over the weekend. He came to us as the rescues were all rather overwhelmed with spikey residents! We brought him home on Tuesday and he’s doing really well. He weighed approx 130 grams when we found him and as of last night he weighed a respectable 185 grams! We are delighted to welcome Sammy to the team and our plan is to release him into the community garden when he’s big enough to fend for himself. Watch this space for updates or follow him Instagram sammy_thehoglet. 🦔🦔

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